Month: May 2022

  • Daniel Fox – Why Go To Space

    Daniel Fox – Why Go To Space

    Daniel Fox, an amazing storyteller and space advocate, explores humanity’s relationship with the Earth and life, and how “we’re going to space because nature is.”

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  • Dan Britt – Off Earth Mining

    Dan Britt – Off Earth Mining

    This week we interviewed Dan Britt, a professor at the University of Central Florida, an economist, and an expert on Off-Earth Mining. We had a great conversation on the implications of Asteroid Mining on a medium-term spacefaring society, and the impacts that off-earth mining and space resources will have on the space industry in the near future as well.

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  • Introducing Pioneer Station

    Introducing Pioneer Station

    The Pioneer-class, the world’s first and largest hybrid space stations for both work and stay. These customizable environments  will feature five spacious modules built around OAC’s rotating Gravity Ring architecture. Pioneer’s artificial gravity features will enhance the level of comfort in space.

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  • Jeff Greason – Space Transportation

    Jeff Greason – Space Transportation

    This week we had a great conversation with Jeff Greason from Electric Sky and the Tau Zero Foundation, ranging across electric propulsion to cross-solar system transportation to our imperative to expand beyond the planet.

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