Month: June 2022

  • Engineering the Future of Space

    Engineering the Future of Space

    Dr. Tom Spilker and Architect Tim Alatorre join us in this week’s episode to talk about why we build space stations, designing space stations, artificial gravity, making stations profitable, and engineering the future of space.

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  • Why Space?

    Why Space?

    Frank White, author of the Overview Effect, and OAC advisory board member asks, “Why Space?”

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  • Artificial Gravity and More

    Artificial Gravity and More

    Dr. Angie Bukley, and OAC advisor Jeff Greason join us in this week’s episode. Both have long careers in space and share their insights on artificial gravity and more.

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  • 2022 Art Contest Winners

    2022 Art Contest Winners

    The winners of the 2022 Art Contest, sponsored by Orbital Assembly Corporation, Janet’s Planet, and LifeShip!

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